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Full Foot Fins

Full Foot Fins
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X-JET Full foot
Versatile, suited for diving and snorkeling  Full Foot fin design • Twin material design with “Jet” fin technology increasing water flow and channelling for recreational diving. • Concave spoon-effect blade   Taille   38/39 40/41 42/43 44/45   ..
Rubber Full Foot Diving Fins • F-745 Rubber Full Foot Diving Fins (for Free Diving) • Unique design minimizes leg fatigue while maximizing power, offering exceptional comfort and enhanced performance. • Available colors:BK/BKBK/BL • Available Sizes: M, L, XL. ..
Agua is a very easy fin to use, and doesn’t require any special athletic or water-sport abilities, yet it still delivers excellent performance without tiring your feet. Thanks to the latest technology and Cressi’s experience in developing these products, we’ve been able to markedly decrease the weight of this fin compared to others in its category, while still preserving excellent respons..
Full foot fins for recreational snorkeling. • Two material construction. • Flexible blade for optimum comfort. • The X-Voyager shares the Vented blade technology applied on our X-Jet fins for increased power. • Pull tab on heel. • Blade deflectors. ..
Mundial One
For beginners and intermediate spearfishers Technical specifications: > Highly versatile long fin (for beginners and novices) > Fixed blade > Stabilizers integrated to footpocket tips and on the blades > The fin’s fishtail shape helps to guide the blade more efficiently in the water > Comfortable, reactive foot pocket > Length of blade: 61cm ..
All of Cressi´s fifty-year experience has gone into these fins, which are a modern revival of the successful principles of the glorious light blue rubber Rondine fins. The blade is made from light and at the same timereactive polypropylene and during moulding is coalesced with a soft, flexible thermo-rubber (elastomer), used for the foot pocket, for the frames and for some i..
The FF-19 X-Pert Evolution full foot fins combine Propeller-fin technology, TUSA’s multi-flex blade system and patented Angled Blade Design. The FF-19 provides more speed and power with less effort and fatigue than traditional paddle blade full-foot fins. The FF-19 is a thin, lightweight design ideal for snorkeling and travel, yet it generates maximum performance and comfort with mi..
The FF-23 is the full foot version of the SF-22 Solla. It is powered by ForcElast technology which offers unparalleled performance and efficiency previously unseen in a traditional blade fin. In addition to ForcElast technology, the Solla features TUSA’s patented 20° Angled Blade Design (A.B.D.), an optimized three channel crescent shaped blade with reinforced side-rails and vents and a..
Colourful and easy to use, the Rondine Clio fin is designed with ultra-soft anatomical foot pocket which makes it the ideal fin for snorkelers of all abilities, including children. The blade makes each kick powerful and stable.   ..
Fastback - Unisex
Overview These full foot snorkeling fins are a perfect companion to a mask and snorkel for a day in the water. Features and benefits Full foot snorkeling fi ns Soft rubber foot pocket Thermo-plastic blade with fl ex panel for improved thrust Reinforced side rails stiffen blade and control lateralspillage Technical Specifications + Sizing Sizes: XS,..
Gara Modular LD
A variation of the Gara Modular fins with a ‘Long Distance’ blade made from thermoplastic material, softer and much more efficient. Easy forward propulsion is attained at every kick, which does not fatigue your feet or muscles and so you can cover long distances.   ..
Palau opens the way for a new type of snorkeling and swimming fin. In actual fact, it has been designed for two specific needs. The first was to have a foot pocket that could easily adapt to at least three or four consecutive sizes so that the same fin could be used by all the members of a family, or by a group of friends or easily rented out in a diving ..
Bare Fastback full foot fins - Unisex
overview These full foot snorkeling fins are a perfect companion to a mask and snorkel for a day in the water. features and benefits Full foot snorkeling fi ns Soft rubber foot pocket Thermo-plastic blade with fl ex panel for improved thrust Reinforced side rails stiffen blade and control lateralspillage   ..
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Gara Modular
An interchangeable blade which is very lightweight and reactive and also well-adapted for the most demanding of free-diving use. Thanks to its specific and exclusive design, it’s more propulsive when passing through the leg-kick, which gives an optimum return of the blade. The foot-pocket is very comfortable and comes in a composite material : soft rubber around the foot arch, ..
Mundial Carbone
Designed for deep freediving Freediving fins composed of dual-material foot pocket and removable blade. Carbon fiber blade with stabilizers. Strong, light, and highly reactive for freediving (advised beyond 25 m) ..
Palau SAF
Palau SAF (Short Adjustable Fin) are very special fins, designed for swimming and snorkelling, but above all for all those who practise water sports and that only need the fins in particular situations. For example for those who practise all kinds of surfing and windsurfing, rafting, canoeing etc. and also for those who practise their favourite sports offshore. Palau SAF has ..
Elaskin 2 & 4mm socks
“Elaskin” (superflex) 2 & 4mm neoprene • Double-lined Elaskin neoprene and anti-slip sole. • Ultra flexible neoprene. ..
Gara Professional LD
Following the great success of the Gara Professional, Cressi has also thought of those who wish to benefit from all the winning characteristics of the Gara Professional, without having the muscles of an athlete that is trained to full capacity. The blade is made from a special elastomer polypropylene which gives a longer lasting, more fluid, softer kick that is less demanding, makin..
Mundial Fibra
Designed for freediving up to 25m • High-performance removable blade • Camo finish particularly suitable for Atlantic and Mediterranean seabeds • The guards/stabilizers make it possible to channel the flow of water, eliminating slippage of the fin. • Mundial Fin with fiberglass blade and guards/stabilizers standard • Blue/green camo finish   ..
Elastic Long
New  Elastic Long (Self Adjusting Short Fin) the fins are very special for swimming and snorkeling, but above all water sports enthusiasts who need to use the fins only in specific situations. It 's the case for example of those who practice surfing and windfurf in all variants, rafting, canoeing and so on. as well as those who have to take off to practice their favorite sport. &nb..