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UK Lights

UK Lights
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SL6 Xenon
The SL6 is brighter than lights twice its length! The unique side-by-side battery configuration makes the 6 cell light only as long as a 3 cell light. Features 8 watt high pressure xenon filled lamp Fits neatly in BC pocket, ready to use Precise solid aluminum reflector gives bright, narrow beam for spotting distant marine life Molded rubber bezel cover reduces gla..
If you desire the most beam for your buck, look no further. The SL3 eLED® waterproof light features high intensity illumination and extensive burn time in a compact design with a price to match its small size. Choose the SL3 as your secondary light and save the rest for your next adventure. Features Twist ON/OFF bezel sealed with two O-Rings for reliability Reliable..
Light Cannon eLED
In the tradition of the original Light Cannon HID light, the Light Cannon eLED delivers an even brighter illumination and maintains this brightness throughout the battery life. The beam is wide enough for scanning the reef at night or exploration of the interior of a wreck. Using the dovetail handle attachment either pistol or lantern grips can be attached as well as a photo arm. Featur..
Super Q eLED Rechargeable
The Super Q® eLED® Rechargeable flashlight is the gold standard for small lights. When UK originally released it in 1974, it revolutionized handheld lighting forever. Our newest generation has raised the bar even higher. It is incredibly small and bright, with the added feature of a rechargeable lithium ion battery and our latest eLED technology. Features Proprietary compound path..
Aqua Sun eLED Rechargeable
Features Water cooled heatsink in front lens provides a 100% increase in brightness underwater Dual reflector system combines the brightness of 2, ultra high intensity LEDs Interchangeable lantern and pistol grips Rechargeable NiCad battery pack provides 2 hours of light High and low power settings for extended burn time High Impact ABS and LEXAN® construc..
Aqualite Video
Bring out the incredible underwater colors and intricate detail of marine life with the Aqualite Video. Fish and invertebrates hiding under ledges and holes often receive little ambient sunlight and require additional lighting for underwater videos to come to life. Lighting the foreground with daylight colored Aqualite illumination while allowing the delicate blues and greens of the open water ..
The C4 eLED® waterproof light is our lightest weight primary light. It is designed to fit smaller hands while still offering brightness comparable to lights twice its size. Its water-cooled heat sink actually increases brightness underwater and improves burn time. For maximum illumination and a comfortable fit, the C4 is the perfect solution. Features A pair of water cooled hi..
Mini Q40 Xenon
The high intensity Mini Q40 is lightweight enough to attach to your mask strap for hands free illumination of gauges and close-up marine life. It outshines many lights three times its size. Features 2.1 watt high brightness xenon filled lamp Rubber sheath molded over bezel to reduce glare and improve impact resistance Works well as a photographers spotting light. Fits Se..
D8 Xenon
Frequent divers prefer the D8 for its brightness and exceptionally long run time. Its dual xenon lamps provide backup underwater and enhance color clarity for the ultimate diving experience. Upgrade to a rechargeable kit for a cost-effective solution. The D8 is astoundingly powerful—you can actually feel the heat generated by its ultra-bright lamp.   Features Basic 14 watt ..
Mini Q40 eLED® Plus
Meet the best selling dive light on the planet. The Mini Q40 eLED® Plus flashlight provides unparalleled brightness in an incredibly compact design and can be mask-mounted with ease using the included mask strap attachment. Divers all over the world prefer the Mini Q40 eLED Plus as their secondary or close-up light. Take it on your next dive and see why. Features ..
C4 Xenon
The C4 Xenon is lighter than most other primary dive lights. It is designed to fit smaller hands while still offering brightness comparable to lights twice its size. Its twin lamp system allows you to switch to a backup bulb underwater. For maximum color clarity and a comfortable fit, the C4 is a perfect solution. Features Basic 14 watt model operates on 8 disposable alkaline D-cell..
2AAA Dive Beacon
Be seen at night by fellow divers and dive master with this dependable high visibility red personal marker beacon. Features Long burn time and high brightness make it a perfect chemical light stick replacement Lanyard included for easy attachment to tank valve or BC Always ON, no annoying flashing Be seen at night by fellow divers and dive master with this depend..
C8 Xenon
No dive would be complete without UK’s C8 Xenon, a favorite primary light for divers all over the world. Its shock absorbent bezel protection and tough ABS construction provides the ultimate in durability. Its twin lamps illuminate with brilliant color-rendering for a truly memorable diving experience.   Features Basic 13.2 watt model operates on 8 disposable alkaline C-cel..
3AAA eLED® Vizion™ Headlamp
For superior hands-free illumination in every situation, count on the Vizion. Hit it, freeze it, dunk it—the Vizion will keep on working. Not only is it waterproof for all-weather use, it’s built tough to withstand the most challenging environments. The Vizion is lightweight, making it ideal for extended, comfortable use. All that and it looks pretty cool, too. Features: 3 Selec..
UK’s C8 eLED® waterproof light is the world’s most popular primary light. Many divers would not consider going underwater without the power of its bright, long-lasting beam. Its shock absorbent bezel and tough ABS construction provide the ultimate in durability. It’s equipped with dual LED lamps for bright light on every dive. Features High intensity 6-watt twin LED..
UKPro POV BlackPak
All-In-One. The UKPro POV BlackPak is the ultimate underwater lighting system for your GoPro Hero 2 or 3. The BlackPak is a UKPro POV40 Hard Case with custom foam inserts designed specifically to house and protect your GoPro Hero 2 or 3. ** GoPro Hero 2 or 3 not included. The BlackPak also contains one UK Aqualite 90º with a Universal Charger and two Lithium-Ion Batteries, an easy one-..
At 400 lumens with 10 hours of burn time, the high intensity LED and incredible battery life of the SL4 eLED (L1) will give you the light you need at work or at play. With its compact size and narrow penetrating beam, this secondary dive light tops the charts for international dive travel or can be used in a variety of industrial, fire or utility applications that require a lot of light, al..
Sea Turtle Pak
We’ve imagined your ultimate sports dive vacation and planned this collection accordingly. The Sea Turtle Pak features three essential dive lights that are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for travel. All three lights utilize LED lamps for better penetration underwater and long lasting burn time. Day or night, the C4 eLED will vibrantly illuminate marine life. The Mini Q40 eLED can ..
SL4 Xenon
Most lights small enough to fit in your BC pocket lack a powerful beam. That’s why UK designed the SL4 Xenon, a secondary light with the extensive reach of a bright beam that is still small enough to take anywhere. The xenon bulb also offers improved color clarity. Features 5.5 watt high pressure xenon filled lamp Precision machined aluminum reflector gives bright, narrow be..