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Single Lens

Single Lens
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Same features as MS-170B Outer frame is Camouflage and inner frame is black Professional color for military purpose or spearfish market Available color: Camo / BK ..
2 glasses 2 glasses mask with enlarged field of view • Rotative buckles with fast and flexible adjustments • Double Silicon skirt • Tempered glass • In conformity with european standards ..
The M-1001 Freedom HD mask is the latest design to come from Freedom Technology. It is a single lens masks with an incredibly wide field of vision. This mask boasts a 180° Rotational Buckle System, which allows it to fit a variety of face sizes while maintaining a low profile. FEATURES > Incredibly wide field of view > 18..
Bare Frameless - Unisex
Overview Low volume frameless mask with a soft and supple double-flanged silicone skirt. Features and benefits Low volume frameless mask with single lens Revolutionary push-button buckle allows for easy, quick strap adjustment Unique flexible buckle attachment swivels with facial movements and absorbs shock, preventing buckle breakage when mask is bumped Fitt..
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South Beach Coating Lens Mask
Same features as MS-170B All black mask with colorful lens for underwater excellent visibility vision. Revolutionary tempered colorful lens with coating technology. Tempered lens available color: YL ..
View Max 1 HD
Ultra Clear HD lens  Diving mask   Ultra-Clear HD Lenses render colours more naturally, free of colorimetric distortion, producing greater luminosity and better contrast. New hypoallergenic silicone skirt Wide field of vision and designed to facilitate equalisation Extremely comfortable and sturdy owing to the micrometric adjustment..
The M-111 Kleio II mask is designed for smaller, more narrow faces and is made from the same high quality materials as TUSA's standard size masks. The M-111 is perfect for smaller female and youth divers or snorkelers. This mask is defined by its low volume, snug-fitting design.  Like all TUSA masks, it incorporates a wide range of features to enhance comfort, fit and p..
Trio C - Unisex
Overview Unique three window design provides an expansive field of vision. Features and benefits Unique tri-lens shape provides an expansive field of vision Patented foldable buckle connector design Patented quick-adjusting push buckle system Fitted with tempered safety glass lens Soft, clear silicone skirt and strap Colors Black Neo..
Crystal silicone facial mask skirt for comfort fitting. Tempered glass and quick adjust swivel buckles. Inner frame color to remain the clear, and outer frame can be changed 7 different colors for divers choice. Available colors: Clear N. Yellow Trans. Blue S.M Blue Black Soft Pink Soft Blue ..
Wide field of vision  The single lens X-Optimo mask is equiped with swivel pivot buckles for ideal strap positionning. Double federed edge skirt made from soft hypoallergenic liquid silicone to provide the optimum seal (black or white silicone). Tempered lens approved by the CE standard. Skirt width : 125mm ..
‧All new single mask concept from Tiara 2, in order to provide a wide field of view and conforms to the contours of your face. ‧Soft silicone skirt is enhanced comfort and perfect fitting. ‧Unique and patented tri-colors accent frame design. ‧Patented push-button buckles allow easy, quick strap adjustment. ‧Anti-fog technology mask provides clarity of vision ..
Wizard Junior Mask
Crystal silicone double feather-edges facial skirt and mask strap. Tempered glass and easy pull button tabs allow strap quick adjustment. The face seal is specifically designed for junior excellent vision. Available colors: Trans. Blue, N. Yellow, Pearl Pink, Pearl Sky Blue. ..
Same features as MS-104. Black silicone skirt and strap instead of clear silicone. Available color: BK/BK ..
Mask with a very wide field of vision and ultra low volume  Mask with a very wide field of vision and ultra lowvolume. The glass is mounted directly onto the silicone forreduced weight and volume Extremely comfortable owing to the micrometricadjustment buckles on the hypoallergenic silicone skirt.   Skirt width : 125mm   Weight : 190 g   ..
Crystal silicone skirt and strap frameless mask. Light weight, low volume with wide of vision. Tempered glass and quick adjust swivel buckles. Top piece insert and side buckle covers can be  changed 4 different colors for divers more choice. Available colors: N.Yellow Black Clear Trans. BL ..
Vision Plus
This mask offer you a low volume with super wide field of vision. Crystal silicone facial mask skirt for comfort fitting. Unique flexible buckle system attachment swivels with facial movements & absorb shock, preventing buckle breakage when mask is bumped. Patented push-button buckles allow easy, quick strap adjustment. Anti-fog technology mask. ( AFT mask ) ..
The M-110SQB-CR Visio Pro mask combines TUSA’s superior design and build quality with new innovative materials and frame construction. The Visio Pro features TUSA’s all new Crystalview Optical Glass treated with a proprietary anti-reflective (A/R) and ultraviolet (U/V) coating up to twenty layers thick. This unique Crystalview AR/UV lens offers the diver enhanced color, clarity, contra..
Same features as MS-126. Black silicone and strap instead of crystal silicone. Available colors: T.BL N.Y/BK BK/ BK ..
Vision Plus
Same features as MS-133. Black silicone skirt and mask strap instead of crystal silicone. Anti-fog technology mask. ( AFT mask ) Available colors: BK/BK ..
The M-110's single window design offers great visibility, reduced internal volume and enhanced comfort while incorporating several TUSA patented mask technologies such as a 3-D strap, Round-Edge skirt and a skirt mounted Quick-Adjust Buckle System.  Additionally, the M-110 design is available in a special edition enhanced with optical glass, AR/UV coating and a chr..