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Swimming Wear & Accessories

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38 GR
Silicon Cap  available in colour : black/white,bleu/white,white/black ..
Effective anti-fog for masks and goggles. Spread on the inside of the lenses, before wetting them. ..
Bi-Colour Cap
Bi-colored Silicone Cap available in colour:blue light/bleu,bleu/white,gray/bleu ..
Silicone Ear Plugs
Kit ear plugs made from pure allergy-free silicone. They are designed to prevent water from getting into the ears. WARNING Earplugs should not be used for diving, only for surface swimming. Their waterproof seal is not designed for diving and a sudden passage of water into the ear underwater could cause a broken eardrum. ..
407L Packer (Olive) 510g cotton canvas hat, fullgrain leather trim with mesh eyelets ..
Competition nylon thread Ø 160
Kit nylon Ø 160 line + sleeves   ..
Swim Paddle
Pair of hand-held rigid palette for swimming, for education and training in water. Adjustment through handheld lanyard tube Made of pp / polypropylene blue / black ..
ROGUE 104C Floppy (Choc)
104C Floppy (Choc) Small brim, soft foldable suede hat ..
Competition nylon thread Ø 180
Kit nylon Ø 180 line + sleeves   ..
DVD Stefano Bellani
Cressi presents a movie produced by Aquamovie Ferioli & Bellani   Language: Italian   Subtitle: English, Español, Française, Italiano   72 minutes - PAL Stereo 4:3   Available at Cressi Online Store in European Countries Only   ..
Ear & Nose Plugs
Kit nose-clip and earplugs Kit for swimmers including a nose-clip and a pair of earplugs to stop water getting into nasal and ear passages. WARNING Earplugs should only be used for surface swimming, not when diving. In fact, they are not designed to provide a watertight seal for the ears when diving and a sudden entry of water when underwater could cause the eardrum to break. ..
External HP Pressure Gauge
External pressure gauge (non-watertight) for controlling the pressure of tanks out of the water.  INT bracket attachment. The drainage screw has a large, easy to grip knob. The display is easy to read with an end of scale value at 315 bar. ..
Bio Antifog with gel technology
Bio Antifog with gel technology ..
Fishing Reel
 New Reel for Cressi spearguns ..
Agua Short
Version of the Agua fin with a short blade, developed especially for swimming and snorkeling. Technical Features Short Blade Above Blade Foot Pocket Self Adjusting Foot Pocket Sizes: from 35/36 to 45/46  ..
Very light and elastic plain coloured swim cap made from Lycra. Excellent comfort even during prolonged use.   ..
Swim Gloves
Webbed gloves for swimming and training. Made from ultra-stretch Ultrapsan neoprene, the outer coating on the back is dark blue, while the palm is made from single-lined neoprene (lined on the inner) to increase the coefficient of friction with the water, optimising thrust. Sizes: S-M-L ..
Circular Band G20
Powerful circular sling of 20 mm diameter. Can replace the originals for the Geronimo Elite/Mimetico ..
Extremely light and small-sized nose-clip designed to prevent water from entering nostrils. It can be used for any water-based activity and is especially suitable for synchronised swimming. ..