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Marlin Revolution

Brand: Beuchat
Product Code: Marlin Revolution
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Powerful speargun, manoeuvrable and easy loading – For experienced spearfishers

A Close collaboration between Beuchat International and Marc Antoine Berry have resulted in the creation of this truly Revolutionary speargun.
Our objectives were power, manoeuvrability, easy loading and no recoil when shooting.
In order to achieve these, we have optimised all specifications.

• Optimisation of energy created in relation to force expended
• 62kg propulsion at beginning of thrust
• 22kg propulsion at end of thrust
• 460 joules Total energy created
• 46m/s intial shaft speed 
• Very low recoil on firing
• Excellent manoeuvrability for its size (barrel measures only 1050 mm)
• Range of at least 5 metres

• Marlin handle with reinforced stainless steel trigger mechanism and new reel bracket
• Tapered laminated teak barrel with carbon fibre insert and integrated shaft track for optimal rigidity and lasting quality.
• Ball-bearing mounted pulleys on head
• Titanium side plates
• Patented QRS locking system
• Stainless steel ring line attachment and line guide for the reel
• Power rigging: 1 x 19mm power band for propulsion and 2 x 16 mm power bands for tension mounted on Dynema wishbone with unique connecting system.
• Rockwell spring steel 7 mm spear with slide ring, welded tab, tri-face tip and 2.5mm barb on reinforced axle pin
• Double length of line
• Carrying bag

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